Oh, my darling sunshine –

a positive spark that is a bit awkward and shy

because the inner side is as dark

as the facade is bright

and cutting the shit with an axe

clean from those lying, cheating shoulders

is really a way to go but no!

Oh, my darling hell’s shrine –

the filthy swamp that is a bit out and unstable

because none  were truly able

to protect your only spark

thus, you gathered the wickedness

to guard the innocence

it was a way to go but no!

The life is a constructive illusion

of the imaginative mind

and mine was not kind

searching for the trials and pain

convinced that happiness could be gained

only through great suffering – no!

I don’t concur any more but while the idea is buffering

My dearest swamp, I’ll smear you along the lines

your sacrifice won’t stay unacknowledged

I assure you, I will leave you the sunshine

since its not really mine

I was born in between

and as I predicted I will make an incredible scene

of the life that will not be brushed off

nor forgotten –

I am alive! I won’t wait nor regret

Fates own me a debt

and I am ready to collect.





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