Once upon a time the heart was open

running around, like it’s nobody’s business

who it loves and worships

but the life became morbid.

One hit after another and between screams

nightmares and tears the bravery evaporated

the soul was not sated with the illusion

and conclusion broke the resolve

the heart made of fire became eerie cold

But still shining gold, like a moniker

people gave to it – the sun

and it warmed the righteous and the scum

protecting what it could, arguing that it should

close shop and leave to far away lands

but as it stands, it must save what can be saved.

A slave to its own whims and desires

struggling to find the balance and ultimately failing

because saving was never about shutting out

cutting the precious joy of connection

being a pale reflection never suited the peacock.

It wanted out and it wanted parades

rains of appreciation, soaking to the bone

taking what it needed, ignoring the pain

because the roaring fireworks were worth a bit of pain,

So it laughed and let it rain.

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