No love lost

The human nature is appalling,

But the charming tongue is sweet.

Devastation is a sport and a calling,

The strongest survives, others are meat.


The friends by day are full of smiles

and plotting vicious enemies by night.

Their walked in other’s shoes “x” miles

to better know their first-born fright.


No remedy for wicked, no redemption,

The good, the bad – just learn to run.

When angels seek a full exemption

The demons howl: Let’s have some fun.


The trust is dying under pressure,

The wisdoms sound, like utter shit.

“Here’s grass is greener” says the jester,

and throws a party then a fit.


The mind is reeling, lost in caution,

All lies! All spies, and concealed hate.

The soul is longing for uncut devotion,

But no one ever been in such a state.


Thus, yapping here and there unkindly,

Pretending to be more then really is;

and I don’t like hypocrisy, to put it mildly,

however, I’m reducing shouting to a hiss.


I am of race that baffles me completely,

I’m not a goody. I’m closer to the scum.

But what still irks me in the life lived fleetly,

The war for place under the all-reaching sun.


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