They presume my heart is made of ice

and no one bothered to look at it twice.

Only the constant yapping that doesn’t suffice,

I am the evil God and they’re my sacrifice.


I don’t look for excuses, not for some time,

I did what I did and the blame is fully mine.

I am the vicious predator.Worse, in its prime.

Whatever I do will be perceived as a crime.


I’ve given up on the goodness, opting to kill,

The broken ribs poking my lungs is a thrill.

Now I am hunting, perfecting my skill,

I’ve learned to love me when nobody will.


2 thoughts on “Narcissist

  1. Tell me that you love me true
    And I’ll admit, I love me too
    But at the reading of my will
    I wonder if you’ll love me still

    Will you see inside the hearse
    The centre of your universe?
    What happens next? It seems unclear
    If life goes on when I’m not here

    The morning after my demise
    I wonder, will the sun still rise?
    Will love exist when I am gone?
    I ponder. How will life go on?

    Just how vital will I be
    When robbed of my vitality?
    I’m wondering how you’ll behave?
    Will there be dancing on my grave?

    Lying, dying, crying pain
    My darling, have I been so vain?
    A question from this narcissist
    When I’m gone, will I be missed?

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