You’re so fucking gorgeous

that my trained in flattery mind stutters

every time my eyes have an honour to ogle you

because that’s, my dear, what I constantly do.


You’re unbelievably magnificent

and there’s no realistic way to shake the awe

that you inspire in such an endearingly simple way

I was never one for settling but I don’t see me walking away.

4 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. So in love with you I’m stuck
    I lose myself each time we fuck
    Intoxicated by your breath
    Each night I die a little death
    And lie unconscious, laid to waste
    Sweetly poisoned by your taste
    When morning comes I hear you sing
    You are my world. My everything.

    (whoops … the second line may be a little to graphic. But if you dangle a word ending in ‘uck’ in front of me then, what do you expect?)


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