I get it! Trust me, I do,

when everything’s wrong

and there is nothing to do!

And even if there is

you have not a slightest clue

how to pick up yourself

from the sticky betrayal.

How soothe the burning

and yearning to destroy

if not them then something intimate,

and you cringe from the false cheer:

“You’ll get past it, mate!”

at that exact moment you discover hate

and will to spit curses

but there’s no energy to open your mouth

so the unspoken words drown you in anger

futility and slander…

Listen, I get it. Trust, me I do,

and how you will get past it

I have no clue.

But there’s a thing at the bottom, I swear

when doors are closed

your only window is way up in the skies

and surprise

it takes a fall to pitch dark

to realize.

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