It’s remarkable how nature stays on its course despite our vigorous attempts to disrupt it. The sunset as greenish as it is – is still a sunset or probably my “elder” is speaking up again.

I grin. The newbies will laugh their asses off teasing me about reminiscing – they don’t do that any-more – don’t stare into emptiness, quietly pondering the universal mysteries – the question of existence. They are connected. They know. Hell, I know.

The moon – we should have stayed clear of it. I cannot say that what we found or rather what decided to show was all bad – it wasn’t. Actually, it was kind of great and elevating, even though the price for it was humanity.

We are not the same. We could never be the same with bodies made of organic plastic, gears instead of hearts and biological fuel, pumping through tubes instead of veins. We are perfect. We are artificial. We are immortal.

The fear of death evaporated, and the new-found freedom opened up doors to worlds we could never had imagined before – no competition, no consumerism,  no capitalism or any political system nor economical disasters. We live, like we want to live. We do what we long to do and there’s no limits nor limitations…

It drove mad a lot of consciousness. Half of the population died upon upgrading and then another when upgrades didn’t agree with their fragile psyche.

It wasn’t a pretty picture. A rebellion was hastily cooked and destroyed just as swiftly.  The youth sucked in knowledge, like sponges and the opposition had no real ground to stand on.

We live in harmony now. We will live in harmony, ‘cos newbies are not in favour of digging in the past nor long for the times long forgotten. It’s a privilege of the “elders”. My privilege – to sit and stare into nothingness, pondering on “what may have been” – dreaming idly, without immediate want to create a solution or tangible product; ask questions and refuse to accept the obvious answers – doubt, insecurity, yearning – experiencing emotions that our society views as “impractical”.

It’s something only a handful of us still doing – every fifth or sixth cycle – today would be Tuesday, according to the old perception of time – we come out into the field and do what we always did – stare into the eternity, pretending to be human.

inspired by Daily Inkling

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