A step to the right direction

For every scrap I thank you,

even though it took years to find the gratitude.

I can feel it though – the change!

My mouth is not keeping itself shut

the fear is still there but it’s weak.

The eyelids had opened. The soul hauled

and I cannot…will not return to the way I’ve been

mainly ‘cos it’s boring.

I walked and I fell. I crawled and I lied,

I cheated. I tried to be humane and failed…

Nowadays, I prefer to stay human.

Just everyday me…and yes, I will bite when bitten

and yes, I will protect what’s mine.

The world will get treated accordingly

and I will not stand idly for one more second

covering in shadows and doubting my worth.

This artificial “tolerance” do not deserve kindness

when it glorified violence, which is cruel and mindless.

I will not stand for it. I will not be bullied –

I can think and I will, even if it will cost me –

I will not yield to ridiculous simplicity –

Father gave me free will and it’s time to exercise it.



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