Incredibly difficult,

running around without a care for the world

like the body is eternal and the soul is long sold.

Fortunately mindful,

walking professionally on the cryptic eggshells

like you have a map to the place where peace dwells.

Deliciously intricate,

quick to lash out and burn, keeping a smear near

always having a compliment in stores: You look well, my dear!

Suspiciously delicate,

like a rose with the softest petals that shy away from the touch

but with the sharpest thorns that protect from those who want too much.

Easily adored,

like the first rays of sunshine after the coldest and darkest night,

everyone basks in your warmth but cannot shake the instinctual fright.

Ineffectually bold,

like the rebels from the ancient myths who commanded affection

you are the hero that potentially exists in every reflection.



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