“Puppy love”

Oh, this one is brilliant!

Today’s Daily Inkling inspirational prompt is:  Who was your very first celebrity crush? Tell us the story behind it.

My first happened a who-cares how long ago when I was a puppy myself.

Zeros only started to bloom and the foreign music blasted its way into our lives – MTV, “SatrFM” and the likes. We took to the western culture like fire to oil – Spice Girls were our role models and Backstreet Boys were our crushes.

I wasn’t the exception (at least here).

Oh, it was love. I watched every concert, video clip and interview and took up English learning with vigour, since I longed to understand the lyrics. I was completely taken by the one “boy” in particular – Brian.

In my naive, childish eyes he looked perfect  – a bit melancholic, but gentle soul. My puppy crush was cute. I was obsessing a bit, right till the point I’ve got bored.

I cannot remember what exactly got me distracted – something always does. I stopped following the rumours and moved my interests somewhere else. I started noticing the flaws in the lyrics and the simplicity of the music, and then one day I couldn’t really understand what I liked in the first place.

I guess, I’ve simply outgrown them, like I did so many things. But I don’t mind listening to them on occasion. Their music has sentimental value to me and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

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