I am bad at talking straight

and God forbid voicing my desires.

I learnt to keep quite

and be invisible as inhumanly possible.

My confidence went down in fires

of childish insecurities

and shadows that my family cast upon me –

imagined or not my feelings do not practice forgiveness

nor indulge in logics – they are there

and they are not happy with the treatment.

So, I am bad at communicating anything resembling important

and I avoid intimacy, like plague

artistic dramatics and creative lies

that’s what I am running on

for so long that I tend to forget where was the truth

or was it there at all?

I am small. I am cowardly

and I don’t care if you agree or don’t

Because I won’t be any different.

I am scattered and difficult

unfair and probably shallower then a puddle

but it doesn’t matter…

The point is, I am bad at straight talking

but I cannot stand you walking away

with that bright, tasty heart of yours

so, hey, in case you’re kinda willing

I cannot promise you to be up front

but I swear I am good at stealing.

3 thoughts on “Thief

  1. Fantastic and  amazing poem. Just short and straight forward.

    You are a phenomenal person with such incredible poem.

    Am so glad that I had to comment on it.
    I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing sunday

    Peace ✌and Love ❤


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