Let’s have fun

Relax. Don’t over-think

It either lasts for eternity or dissolves in a blink.

Breath. Leave it to a chance

I know a better way to “fidget” – Let’s dance!

Kiss. Live in the moment with me

We either were meant for each other or meant to leave it be.


3 thoughts on “Let’s have fun

  1. You know there are some writing pieces that makes you feel happy being alive to read and this poetry is one of them. Its simplicity and the subtly paints my face with an ear to ear smile.

    The things you said in this piece of poetry, everybody knows it but they don’t follow it. And may I tell you the imagery you have painted is so vivid and illustrious.

    Truly, one of the best pieces I have read from you.

    Enigma 🙂


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