What makes a writer?

You said I am no good as a writer –

I am cheesy and offbeat and couldn’t resist a twist

that breaks poor reader’s “wrist”.

My lyrics either complicated, dramatic or spooky

and if they’re not than I sound like a “rookie”

wrong metaphor, wrong line and wrong tone

whatever I do I am…well, I am WRONG!

I am not consumable, you said –

too much pain or too much dread. The sass is aggressive

the lines are crooked and broken;

too much is said and too little unspoken –

I do not make sense. I do not appeal to the mass

my writing is fresh but it cuts, like a grass

and those awful comparisons I come up with…

Urghhh…no proper grammar or punctuation,

Frankly, I am an embarrassment and will never hit the thread…

that’s what you said.

and I nodded, and shrugged, ‘cos it’s not new

I never had a knack for grammar – that’s what dyslexia do

(and it’s not an excuse, it’s just fact)

but I will not apologise for something that gets my heart to still

I will not cover beneath your criticism in fright –

Yes, I am “not a format” but I am right –

for my own soul and my desire to express myself

I am nothing great and I will never shine,

but,at least, these words are true and are mine.

6 thoughts on “What makes a writer?

  1. Writers cannot be defined in cookie-cutter formats. You are so right – we are all given to different styles and approaches to writing and that is perfectly fine.

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