Rewarding endurance

You ever wonder about that person – the one you look at with awe – come on! remember. The one who is strong.

You wonder how the hell they pull it through. They are god damn (blessed) hero and they make it look so easy too.

Gosh, if you could ever be like ’em everything would be perfect…Errr! Wrong!

Honestly, the strong ones’ are the most miserable of us all. If they knew what they were signing up for they wouldn’t do it.

Surely, they will tell you now that they don’t regret it and it’s shallow to choose a simpler version of reality – but not because they’re super honourable, but because they don’t know how to live differently.

They weren’t born like that. They were forced to become strong, because somebody screwed up along the way and they had no other choice but to step in and make it right.

It was done once. It was painful and unrewarding, but people around … they’ve decided that this person – this hero – can do it! And they left, just like that.

Strong people do not need any help – strong people can deal on their own.

No, they fucking can’t! Buuuut, since everyone decided that they can nobody is eager to help and all that “pep-talk” – if you can’t, nobody can! You’re strong, you’ll manage! Blah, blah, blah…bitches…

and they manage, because they cannot afford not to.

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