This is it

So this is it

I am clearing my head

and sweep emotions under the rug

because this is done.

I am moving out and moving on

because what we had is gone.

So this is it

The nights of shy whispers

The days of lingering touches

result to nothings.

The memories that tasted sweet

now is something I don’t talk about

and pretend they didn’t exist

So this is it.

and you have the audacity to nod

as if it is a normal occurrence

We have our times. We had fun

but now we’re strangers

and share none.

Well, all right

screw you and society

the unspoken rule for a heartbreak

that leaves devastation in its wake.

It doesn’t matter

I refuse to rot

since the love that I have

still shines in my eyes

wanted or not.


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