Watch me

This thing that has festered inside me and fed on my insecurities, feeding the flames of fear and shame, consuming me from within, reached it’s fucking limits.

Yes, it grew and it cackled, chewing on my dreams and hopes, ruining my ideas and desires, telling me that I am not good enough; whispering to me profanities and making me doubt my every single step.

It waited for me to straightened up and get comfortable, before leaping at me suddenly to bring me down to my knees again to mutilate some other part of me, until I bled and felt useless.

And so it went in circles.

This thing I have no name for, had taken too much from me, but evidently not enough, because the flame of my soul still flickers in the dark it imposed on me, and I am done.

I am done with guessing and trying to understand.

I am done, period.

It can go to hell and rot in its own misery, because I am done pondering and pleading and praying.

It’s enough. It wanted to gorge on me. It wanted to eat me, so I am feeding it to the brim, so it chokes on me, and then dies pitifully, because I am larger than it. I always were.

I am done. I am moving forward, and I don’t care what it says anymore.

I will stand tall and survive it, because that’s what I was made for.

I was made to win, and I will.

So, watch me 🙂


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