You were wrong

when you pulled yourself up

supressing tears

and stifling the cry.

You were wrong

sewing an armour

from broken dreams

and unanswered desires.

You were wrong

to pretend you are strong

denying yourself

the relief grieving gives.

You were wrong

taking (on) the world

onto your brittle shoulders

when you needed protection.

You were wrong

thinking you can get by

without the things

you secretly admired.

You were wrong

presuming you’re (nothing)

but a shadow

on someone’s sun.

You were wrong

searching outside care

and ignoring

the love that comes from within.

You were wrong

not seeing clearly

your undeniable worth

and tantalising appeal.

You were wrong

ignoring the light

hidden beneath the doubt

and poisonous words of others.

You were wrong!

But now it’s time

to be right.

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