A swimmer

It becomes difficult.

At one point it becomes overbearing

and you forget

so many advices

hearing only echoes

of your own thoughts

feeding the ego

searching a reflection

of private ghosts.

What and who supossed

to be or to see.

It’s rather easy

Me is me.

It’s rather easy

Life’s designed to be lived

For better or for worse

It’s easy

Just breath.

In and out

Out and in

Nobody will understand.

What pain rocks within

The oceans lost

The paradises found

No one will know

That you’ve learned to swim

After you had drowned.

4 thoughts on “A swimmer

  1. Wow, very good! 🙂 Yes, sometimes people don’t understand what you go through! 🙂 I esp. love this part, “No one will know/That you’ve learned to swim/After you had drowned.” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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