I can give out blame

like Santa gives out well wishes.

I can find many reasons to shame

Every person that touched my life.

Their hands were dirty

Their intentions were shallow and blind

But it’s time to voice it

So were mine.

It’s not about the other person

and not about the careless lies.

It’s not about the “thousandth reason”

or crude and artless goodbyes.

I can accumulate hate

like cartoon villains do.

And does it matter what was true?

They crossed me plenty

and I retaliated with a smile.

It was the right choice,

But darn! It drove me crazy for a while.

(It still does)

It’s not about “who is the hero”

and not about the praise and worth.

It’s not about reflection in the mirror

or who have liked my “humble” post.

I can built sand castles

with vigour of starry-eyed kid.

I can cripple my soul

measuring myself by superficial standard

That does not matter!

And drown myself in expectations

that poisoned my head


I can forgive and forget.

My path not set in stone

I am not done yet.

There’re many facets

waiting to be explored.

I’m focusing more on light

and opening up to the world.

I know I’m addicted

To the other side

But there’s no harm in trying


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