Musings (“Loki” series)

I didn’t want to watch it before the entire season came out, but the internet is a cruel place, so

I have watched “Loki”, and I want to ramble about it. There will be a lot of spoilers, so fair warning. 😊

I wish it wasn’t that Disney, but then again, without that fairytale touch it would be devastating. I admire Marvel for that. Their willingness to explore serious/painful/controversial themes is praiseworthy.

At first, it was a fuel for jokes. The absurdity of it couldn’t be taken seriously. It’s a farce. Must be. Nobody would do that, right?

When the shock subdued, I thought about it more. Finding many excuses, trying to understand it.

My thoughts took the root of – narcissism, then self- acceptance, redemption, and the like.

But somehow it wasn’t enough. Something was missing and then … well, I’ve got uncomfortable again.

There could be said a lot about the “tones” and the “layers” of the relationship between Loki and Sylvie, but essentially, it’s self-love and I cringed on that. So, what this reaction says about me?

And just like that my perception of that relationship (and the series as a whole) has changed.

It’s like Loki got stuck inside himself.


Loki is terrified and disgusted by the place.

It takes away his identity, his power, and his freedom. It puts a label on him and says that he has no choice but to follow it.

Essentially, it’s what Loki believes himself to be at this point. He was Thor’s shadow – then Thanos robbed him of control… No wonder he’s so spooked.

The infinity stones are a nice touch. Loki said that throne is not what he wanted. He wanted recognition. Thus, Loki is not interested in power. So, paperweights.

Mobius enters.

Mobius represents common sense.

He’s always, straightforward and brutal. He constantly pokes and probes, until Loki is forced to open his eyes and face the music.

I especially like the scene in episode 4, where Mobius voiced what could be any sane person’s (not that anyone accused Loki of being sane) eternal monologue by this point.

Firstly, Mobius freaks out about the Loki/Sylvie thing. How fitting. Loki half-heartedly tries to deny it. He is not that far gone, right? No, of course not.

Then Mobius sends him in the time loop, where Sif says that Loki deserves to be alone and always will be. She hits him then in the nuts, and he doubles over. Fascinating to note, that for the brain there’s little difference between
emotional and physical pain. Thus, it could be that for Loki the thought of deserving to be alone equals to being hit in the nuts.

For a while Loki just loops, Mobius comes to the rescue. With the “are you serious attitude!?” Nothing is predetermined. You can be what you want. Go out there – connect, love, be happy.

And, of course, Sylvie is Mobius’s favorite, because well, it’s common sense.

Loki’s variants.

There were many, but the accent was put on five (six if you count Sylvie).

The classic Loki could be a representation of Loki’s imagining of his future, if he would have chosen to be true to his nature – trick, flee, hide.

Naturally, it’s not shiny. He’s lonely, and it ends badly. Everything Loki expects his life to be if he had survived the Infinity war. Heart-breaking to note, that he still thinks that any positive connection/deed he would attempt to
take would end in disaster.

The kid Loki could represent the time when Thor’s and Loki’s relationship cracked. A painful expression that crosses Loki’s face when the kid Loki reveals his nexus event, could be interpreted as a recognition of the situation. Loki could remember it. He just chose not to stab Thor to death – not then, not all the other times too.

Boastful Loki could represent jealousy, trickery, and greed.

Crocky (is my favorite) a cold-blooded, heartless beast could be a subtle nod to the Loki’s Jotun nature. Loki is not that surprised about its appearance but prefers not to think about it. Simply accepts that it’s there, and that is
that. Kind of like he deals with his true form.

President Loki could be hubris.

I adore how embarrassed Loki gets when the fight between Loki’s variants starts. Also, his wish not to get evolved in that, shows how much he had grown. He finally sheds the mask and focusses on what is truly matters for him. By this point, his glorious purpose is to connect with himself.


Sylvie represents everything that Loki could trust in, stand for, fight for, believe in and love.

In the beginning he could not accept her. He believes himself to be a superior version. Basically, he clings to the characteristics that helped him to survive and could not process that he could be more.

Later, when he gets to know her better and opens up, he freaks out and gets drunk, trying to sabotage the connection. Because that cannot happen!

The better portion of the 4th episode is about: to connect or neah? And, of course, when he decides to go for it – he gets pruned. No surprises here. It’s an occurring theme in the series.

What did he say about love? “Love is a dagger. It’s a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It’s beautiful until it makes you bleed. But ultimately when you reach for it….”  “It’s not real.” Sylvie says.

Spontaneous or not, it’s quite a telling description.

Thankfully, by the end of the 5th episode he reaches for that “dagger” and it does not disappear. I just hope it will not gut him by the end of the 6th. 😊 Update: it did gut him. 😔

Wednesday cannot come fast enough. It would be wonderful if the main villain
would be Loki, then everything may come full cycle. But I guess: wait and see. 😊


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